John Harrison Endowment Society

The Endowment Society recognizes persons who have given $1,000 or more to the Association's various Endowment Funds.

The Society is named in honor of John Harrison, an English clockmaker. He invented the marine chronometer, a long-sought device in solving the problem of establishing the East-West position or longitude of a ship at sea, thus revolutionizing and extending the possibility of safe long distance sea travel in the Age of Sail.

H5- $1 million, plus

H4- $500,000-$999,999

H3 ($100,000 - $499,999)
Roger L.* & Alice Dankert­*
Robert & Susan Gary (CA)
George F. & Catherine Goolsby (TX)
Kenneth C. Hoxie*

H2 ($50,000 - $99,999)
Philip C. & Carol Gregory­ (TX)
Estate of Mary Lou Moore

H1 ($10,000 - $49,999)
Anonymous (CA)
Roger J. Gendron (MI)
Beryl P. Haas*
William F.* & Francis C. Keller (IL)
John G. Kirk (CA)
Eric T. Lincke (MI)
Fortunat F. Mueller-Maerki (NJ)
G. Russell & Janet T. Oechsle (NY)
Hugh C. & Ruth Overton, Jr. (MO)
Mary Ann Wahlner (AZ)
Kenneth F*. & Jackie Wilhelm (FL)
Peggy Wolf (AZ)
Florida Suntime Chapter 19
Western Electrics Chapter 133
Times Mirror Foundation

Society Members ($1,000 - $9,999)
Nancy L. Ankrum (CA)
Leroy E. Baker (WI)
Laura J. Barmore (VA)
Thomas J. & Donna J. Bartels (NV)
Terry & Karen Brotherton (TX)
L. H. Burks (CA)
Charles W. & Teresa C. Buttz (PA)
Chuck & Cindy Campbell (TX)
Joyce Pate Capper (TX)
Betty Chisum (OR)
Addison H. Clipson (OH)
Betty B. Crouse (OH)
Mrs. James E. Davis (CA)
Frank & Joanne Del Greco (OH)
Andrew & Linda I. Dervan (MI)
Lehr L. & Marcia E. Dircks (OH)
Judy Draucker (VA)
Robert S.* & Bonnie Edwards (VA)
David Follett (NY)
G. N. Freedman (CA)
Daniel J.* & Rochelle* Gaenger
Gregory D. Gould (MO)
Philip H. Haselton*
John M. Haviland*
Ronald C.* & Chola Hill­ (PA)
J. Steven & Sandy Humphrey (PA)
Jake Kelley (NC)
David & Julien Kern (NY)
Paul* & Ursula* Metsker
M.J. Mintz (VA)
Cyrus H. Nathan*
George E. & Joanne S. Orr (OK)
Paul Phillips (PA)
Robert M. Sack *
Justice W. Shepro *
Leonard R. & Lynn Simon (CA)
Jerry H. & Linda Thornsberry (MO)
Fred R. & Pam Tischler (TX)
Eugene R. & Barbara B. Volk (NC)
Richard E. & Ruth B. Whipple (VA)
Carroll W. & Anna Beth Wolfe (AR)
Buckeye Chapter 23
George E Lee - Michiana Chapter 26
Sooner Time Collectors Chapter 74
San Jacinto Chapter 139


Total Endowment Funds $927,728 as of 08/31/16
*figure doesn't include outstanding pledges


Last updated 09/08/2016